😄Have the happiest 2 weeks of your year!😄

This time of year is BUSY! 🤪

Running around feeling like a headless chicken can make finding happiness and keeping your spirits high hard.

But take a breath, 😮‍💨

ANNE of Green Gables Chocolates wants to help change that!

When you join our 14-Day Delivering Happiness Challenge we'll make these two weeks the happiest and most fulfilling possible for you and your community.

It's free, easy, and a lot of fun.

Are you in?

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The challenge kicks off this December 4, 2023.

Need more info? Scroll down to read my letter on what YOU can get out of this challenge...

Pledge to be a Happiness Hero this holiday season!

Do Good Deeds

Do simple things that spread a little happiness and post about it in our private Facebook Group to win prizes!

Nominate Deserving People or Groups

Together we'll surprise the chosen nominees with treats as a token of the group's gratitude for their contributions.

Support Each Other

Earn extra points for our prize draws by liking and commenting on fellow Happiness Hero's posts!

What past Happiness Heros have said about the challenge...

Ready to join?

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Hey there!

I'm Jackie and I work at ANNE of Green Gables Chocolates, a company based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I'm the one that came up with this crazy idea!

Since working at ANNE Chocolates I’ve pulled a lot of inspiration from the literary character Anne Shirley from the book Anne of Green Gables (not that surprising, eh?).

Anne had a way of sharing joy no matter who she was with and wherever she went.

I wanted to create an opportunity to spread a little happiness and joy in a brand-new way, Anne Shirley style.

Maybe you’ve made donations, or you’ve volunteered your time, but you haven’t noticed a change in your happiness.

The real reason those efforts haven’t worked is that you were doing it alone.

Being part of a community while doing good not only helps you deliver more happiness for others, but also for yourself.

Happiness happens in the company of others.

Joining ANNE Chocolate's 14-Day Delivering Happiness Challenge this holiday season will allow you to connect with like-minded people, stay accountable, and deliver happiness at the same time.

All in simple, quick, and free ways.


#1 - Help us deliver happiness with quick and easy good deeds, no money required.

#2 - Increase your happiness by showing gratitude to those who deserve it.

Studies show (like this Harvard Health Publishing Study) that when you perform good deeds and acts of gratitude, practiced in a routine way, you are guaranteed to feel better about your life and show greater optimism.

Belonging to a community can even help you live longer according to these studies!

Not to mention the ripple effect good deeds have on the people you impact.

After participating in the Delivering Happiness Challenge I guarantee you'll feel happier and filled with more optimism. 😁

To register for FREE (and get our ANNE Chocolates welcome gift) fill out the two-question form and I'll send you a welcome message with even more info on how to make this your best year yet!

Are you in?


A member of the "A" Team

P.S. I want to be clear that while we’re doing this under the “ANNE of Green Gables Chocolates” brand, this is not about selling chocolate. While chocolate certainly delivers happiness, we believe our brand and our purpose can show up in other ways.

So while we’d be completely thrilled if you participate and chocolate plays a role in how you spread happiness, it is not a requirement or expectation.

That said, many of our prizes will certainly be chocolate and we hope that will put a smile on your face too! 😉


How does it work?

Over the span of 2 weeks, together with ANNE Chocolates, you will be surprising and delighting deserving people and organizations with chocolate. We will be asking you (our Happiness Heros) to help us choose some of these groups.

We’ll be running mini-challenges that you can participate in so that you can help build on the ripple effect of delivering happiness. We promise they will be at no cost, easy, and fit into your busy schedule.

Folks who participate will be rewarded through random draws for prizes like chocolates, gift baskets, and gift certificates. And the best part? This 14-day challenge is completely free to register for!

How do I join?

You can register for FREE by completing the form above. We'll then email you details so you can join the Facebook Group where all the fun happens! We'll even throw in a thank you gift when you join.

Is there a price?

Nope, this is free! To participate, we do ask that you pledge to do as many good deeds in the two weeks as possible. These don't have to cost money (we'll give you some suggestions on how to do this that are 100% free and easy to do) but if you do want to spend money that's totally your choice.

There is absolutely NO expectation that during these two weeks you purchase ANNE of Green Gables Chocolates products (but if you choose to, Happiness Heros will receive an exclusive discount!).

How do I earn points for the Happiness Draws?

Easy! Here are a few ways:

  • Post your good deeds in the private Facebook Group,
  • Participate in our Mini-Challenges (you'll learn what those are soon!)
  • Support your fellow Happiness Heros by liking and commenting on their posts
  • Attend our Live Calls

How will we know who the winners are?

We will be going live in the private Facebook group a few times during the two weeks to announce the winners. We'll also follow up via email or Facebook Messenger with winner roundups and will announce the winners there. We'll even have bonus draws for those who attend live!

Challenge and prizes provided by ANNE of Green Gables Chocolates a Prince Edward Island, Canada-based company. No purchase necessary to participate or win prizes.

To learn more and shop visit annechocolates.com.